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  • Amy Wong is a powerhouse. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic keynote speaker to ignite your event, a skilled trainer to deliver an impactful workshop for your leaders or teams, or an experienced coach to help take your life and career to the next level, Amy can do it.

    Mike Robbins, author of Nothing Changes Until You Do

  • Brandy helped me to reach my goals, and I recommend her as a life coach without reservation. She has the unique ability to help you find your own tools and believe in yourself… I am confident you will be happy with her services.

    R. Alarian

  • Amy's insightfulness and understanding of what is food for growth and expansion helped me break through the remaining barriers that I was creating for myself... I am now living a life that I thought I never could have.

    Dr. Andrea Rosario

  • It was amazing the kind of internal movement, personal reflection and ultimately self-actualization that I accomplished in only a few sessions!

    Ashley Rosales

  • Brandy’s coaching was really empathetic. She helped me pursue the things I wanted but was too afraid to take action on. She also helped me to stop doubting myself and to start focusing on the things that energize me and feel engaging to me. Her coaching creates tangible results…

    M. Inzunza

  • Thank you, Amy, for a life changing session at our company’s conference in Vegas last week. That is not an exaggeration. What you taught us about listening to connect is so powerful, it’s like a mantra for me now. Hope we get to work with you again.

    Daniel Verrico

Own the Room: Two Minute Talk

Beyond a topical fix – TRUST as the focal point

"Beyond a Topical Fix - Highlighting the need for TRUST in an organization" by Amy Eliza Wong, Executive Coach in the San Francisco, CA bay area

With the velocity that technology is evolving, businesses are continually needing to recreate themselves to stay relevant. As companies channel their resources to keep up and compete for the brightest minds, they are also dedicating resources to their employees’ well-being.

But, I’m not talking about fabulous free lunches, valet parking, or on-site masseuse.

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Uncover Your Deepest Motivations with the Enneagram

"Uncover You Deepest Motivations with the Enneagram" by Always On Purpose, a coaching firm in the San Francisco Bay Area

The best life design is the one that fits how you’re designed.  One tool for revealing your design is the Enneagram.


Article by Brandy DeOrnellas, Always On Purpose Life and Career Coach

The  Enneagram is a well-respected assessment that helps us uncover our deepest motivations.  In the end, you’re assigned one of nine numbers.  Some of us are motivated to perform.  Others are motivated to help.  Others seek newness and excitement.

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Don’t Be a But-Head!!

Catchy title, right? I was pretty stoked when it hit me on my walk this morning. So stoked, in fact, I had to share it with my kids over breakfast.

“Hey guess what, kiddos. I just thought of the best title for my next blog post.”

“Oh yeah? What?” (both in unison)

“Yep. It’s going to be titled: “Don’t be a but-head.  They stopped eating and looked directly at me. Aila frowned while Aidan chuckled awkwardly, “Uh, haha. Ok.”

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Redefining Success – Three Lessons on the Journey from Busy to Still

photo by Julien Saquing

As a coach, I hear so often that clients feel frazzled, burnt-out, and unfulfilled. They want rest, connection, and wellness, but their calendars are full and they won’t let themselves slow down. Why? Somewhere along the line, the world has told them that their worth is based on their value-added. They’ve been told that when they’re overwhelmed, they need to learn to work harder and be more efficient, not slow down and focus on what is essential.

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Maybe the answer is not in “resolutions”

"Maybe it's not about resolutions" by Amy Eliza Wong, executive and life coach the greater Bay Area, CA

Happy New Year, friends!! It’s a week into this brilliant new year of 2019 and here’s what’s on my mind…

The optimism, hope and excitement for personal change in 2019 is palpable.  I’m excited for the clean-slate feel and opportunity of this new year and certainty want to convert the brewing potential energy into real change.

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