• Amy does not tell me what to do or how to do it.  Instead she helps me develop my own set of tools so I can help myself overcome past barriers and reach my goals.

    Suzy Lee

  • Her insightfulness and understanding of what is food for growth and expansion helped me break through the remaining barriers that I was creating for myself... I am now living a life that I thought I never could have.

    Dr. Andrea Rosario

  • She's an amazing listener and unlike a psychologist she offers useful suggestions but in a way that have allowed me to arrive at my own conclusions.   I can say, without reservation, Amy has changed my life.

    Stefan Brandes

  • Despite years of various forms of healing such as psychotherapy, depth hypnosis, and my mediation practice, Amy helped me to uncover hidden thought patterns and feelings that I wasn't aware I was holding.

    Shauna Brandes

  • It was amazing the kind of internal movement, personal reflection and ultimately self-actualization that I accomplished in only a few sessions!

    Ashley Rosales

The Dark Side Of The Bright Side

"The Dark Side Of The Bright Side" by Amy Eliza Wong, life coach in Sacramento and Greater Bay Area

I think my husband has it pretty tough being married to a coach. In my professional world, my sole focus …


Stop Doing This And Feel Happier

"Stop Doing This And Feel Happier" by Amy Eliza Wong, life coach in the Greater Bay Area and Sacramento, CA

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And I’ll bet that, like me, …


What Your “Comfort Zone” Really Is

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Flawed and Fabulous

"Flawed and Fabulous" by Amy Eliza Wong, Life Coach in the Sacramento, CA area

We’re swirling around in our heads, our seemingly solitary universes, with internal dialogues so loud that we forget that everyone, EVERYONE, is fighting some sort of battle …

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When It’s Too Much To Make Sense Of

"Embracing the Contrast of Life" by Amy Eliza Wong, Life Coach in the Sacramento, CA area

At times it’s hard to come up with what to distill and offer up on my site for you to read. …