Whatever you focus on, you create.

We work one-on-one with individuals, and we facilitate transformation with teams and organizations. The core of what we offer is moving the needle forward.

We partner with compassion, align in vulnerability, and cut through story to turn your wanted to actual. The result? Thriving. You tap into the creative abundant force within you to create exactly the reality you want whether it be in your life, your profession, your relationships, or your team.

Our specialities include communication/Conversational Intelligence coaching for increased trust, innovation and collaboration; coaching for interpersonal team dynamics, and life, career, and relationship coaching. We help you discover new ways of being, offer distinctions and frameworks to operate from, and give you new tools and practices to thrive in your life and work.

We’re committed to help you live and lead Always On Purpose.

Meet Our Team

Amy Eliza Wong
Founder / Speaker /
Life & Executive Coach / Conversational Intelligence® Coach

This work is my heartbeat. This practice is my life’s work. I am deeply passionate about all disciplines touching into the nature of existence, consciousness, communication, and the quality of one’s life and work. Since having founded Always On Purpose in 2011, I have devoted all of myself to this practice and set of offerings because I truly believe everyone is absolutely worthy and deserving of thriving. I am wholeheartedly committed to making that happen for every one of my clients. More Amy

Brandy DeOrnellas
Personal Coach / Career Coach / Relationship Coach

I experience fulfillment in helping others break free from frustration, cultivate a thoughtful vision, and change their lives. And I am a coach because the coaching process does just that. It is empowering, forward-looking, action-oriented and, above all, transformative. As a certified coach, life transitions have become both a skill and an interest of mine. My work centers on intervening in the important moments of transition to help my clients reflect, grow in self-awareness, cultivate possibilities, and create a clear path to their ideal future. More Brandy

KC Harris
Chief of Staff

KC is way more than an assistant, he is the creative force behind Always On Purpose’s new ventures. He is the loving and uncomfortable nudge necessary to keep Amy current on all things media and social media. He holds the Always On Purpose heartbeat of care, joy, and enthusiasm and is the one who supports potential clients through the inquiry and matching process. More KC

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