How To Work 1:1 with Brandy

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Brandy DeOrnellas

Personal Coach / Career Coach / Relationship Coach

I’ve always known what I was made to do – to help others improve their lives. It was my prior roles that taught me how. I worked as an advocate for seniors in long-term care facilities but wanted to do more to promote their joy and reduce suffering. I transitioned to work in public policy, but realized I am not motivated by macro-level reform, but by face-to-face engagement. I practiced law for several years, but my most meaningful moments with clients were when I offered encouragement and compassion instead of legal advice. Each of these experiences pointed me to a realization: I am uniquely designed to serve others through coaching.

Personal Transitions + Aspirations

So many of my clients have aspirations and want to make a change, but feel stuck or overwhelmed at the prospect of taking action. Having experienced many transitions personally, professionally, and with my clients, transitions have become both a skill and an interest of mine. I’ve dealt with grief and have walked beside others as they faced the end of life. I’ve known relationships in transition – including loss of relationships and the growing pains of a new relationship. I’ve witnessed the struggle from illness to wellness. I’ve seen parents of grown children and seniors entering retirement struggle to find renewed purpose. What I know for sure? We all need allies – especially when we are in transition.

“Since working with Brandy, I have gained confidence, clarity, motivation, and a new found drive for my future that has subsequently affected every area of my life. I am now experiencing a greater sense of fulfillment and will be forever grateful for our coaching sessions.”

– P. Johnson | Practice Operations Manager | Oakland, CA

Career Transitions + Aspirations

I’ve worked with countless individuals wanting to transition to a fulfilling career. Often work feels like exchanging the hours of your life for a paycheck. We want something more than a job – we want a calling that makes us come alive.

If you are searching for your calling, my role is to help you understand, first, your design. What work activities will be engaging and energizing given who you are, your values, your strengths? Once we understand design, we can contemplate possibilities and cultivate a clear vision for the future. What roles align with who you are? Then it’s time to strategize on how to take action and realize the vision you’ve created.

Perhaps you know who you are and what you want, but need a partner to help you strategize and take action. Wherever you are, we can design your way forward, together.

“Brandy has been an instrumental force in helping me reimagine and pursue my personal and professional goals which have resulted in an extremely satisfying and successful career integration path.”

– C. Richter, Transportation Consultant, San Francisco, CA

Relationship Coaching

As a certified relationship and marriage facilitator, my role is to help new relationships grow, healthy relationships become optimal, and struggling relationships become reinvigorated. Coaching may even be appropriate for singles and for those looking to decouple with compassion.

If you are in a relationship and looking to grow or decide if it’s a fit, we begin by exploring your relationship’s strengths and areas for growth by means of a customized assessment. This assessment serves as the basis for a dynamic, compassionate conversation proven to strengthen relationships and improve satisfaction and includes areas to explore such as communication, conflict resolution, financial management, spiritual beliefs, personality issues, parenting, family, and friends.

“Through coaching with Brandy, my fiancé and I have transformed our relationship. We have a better understanding of how we’re each designed, insight into each other’s needs, and have discovered ways to communicate and connect that have built lasting intimacy.”

–M. Jackson, Attorney, Los Angeles, California

How to work 1:1 with Brandy

Find out if coaching is a right fit for you.

Schedule a 30-minute consultation with Brandy to discuss what is possible.