Business Coaching


Your company is comprised of a vision, a mission, and its people. If any of these components lack clarity or coherence, or stress is prevalent, the productivity and efficiency of your company are at risk.

Your company’s success is determined by culture, which is created by all individual and communal interactions and conversations. Is your culture thriving or surviving?

I provide coaching to both individual leaders and teams within your organization to provide your company’s leaders with the skills to:

  • Improve communication, build trust, and enhance collaboration
  • Strengthen inner peace and resiliency
  • Increase personal motivation
  • Maximize productivity
  • Remove stress from the workplace

Radical Self-Awareness + Leading Edge Tools & Distinctions =

Greater Clarity, Personal Balance, Increased Productivity, and Enhanced Leadership

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“Going into meeting with Amy for the first time, I had a lot of anxiety… about work, relationships and just day to day things that I’ve battled and have been anxious about most of my life. After the first session, not only did just talking to Amy for an hour add clarity and make my life feel more purposeful, but I walked away with tangible tools to use each day when I wake up, on my way to work, before I go to bed, etc. Talking things out have always made me feel better temporarily, but anxiety comes right back. The tools that Amy provided me with, and the way that she got me to start thinking about my life truly made a difference in my happiness levels. I have felt more joy, more often. I started seeing her in March, and the two months after that I felt like I had more purpose waking up everyday, and I haven’t felt anxious about things I normally would. Thank you Amy for helping me to find what I stand for, I am so grateful for the gift you’ve given me.”

Michele Hurlock
National Consultant | Demandforce

“I was lucky enough to begin meeting with Amy at the start of my promotion to a sales manager. After being at my company for two years and finally attaining the position I had been striving for, I knew it was very important that the teams I would be managing deliver results. What I did not understand was how symbiotic the relationship between my self awareness and my team’s results were.

Amy has the ability to open up conversations of self evaluation and awareness. This self reflection allowed me to see what barriers I create for myself, opening up opportunities for unthinkable achievements. Such simple takeaways from our sessions such as believing in my core mantras versus knowing and living my core mantras were eye opening. This newly found clarity allowed me to inspire, create and live more purposefully.

Coming into work with a clear concise purpose allowed me to be more energetic, efficient, and most importantly affective with the one thing I care about, my people. Having a new way to connect with my team members developed a bond solidified with trust. Trust between a leader and their team will always be set up for success, both in numbers and happiness.

I am eternally grateful for the gift of self awareness and living with a purpose Amy has instilled in me, which not only positively influenced my work performance but also my personal relationships.”

Julia Mascari
Sales Manager | Demandforce

“As a previous owner of a social club in SF that used to do corporate events, I always though that a happy employee is a productive employee. I’ve always been a top performer at my job and thought I always gave 100%. However, from my sessions with Amy, I realized that I was very happy in my job, but was unhappy in other areas of my life that was restraining me. Amy helped me discover me why I felt the way I did and made me realize and remember who I am at the core. I now know with 100% of my being that I am a beautiful, successful, confident woman in every aspect of my life both social and professionally. She has also taught me how to handle stress and it’s transformed my life.

Since my sessions with Amy I am happier than I have ever been. I’ve met an amazing man that fulfills me completely, my stress level is very low, and my performance at work has skyrocketed! I’ve been voted MVP of the month!

I highly recommend Amy for any company that wants to get 100% out of their employees – because her sessions are amazing, truly life changing and now I have proof that a happy employee = productive employee!”

Kumiko Yoshida
National Sales Consultant | Demandforce