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Personal/Professional Coaching

Hi, I’m Amy.
I’m a coach, facilitator, writer, and speaker.

The first question I get is, “What’s your specialty?

I don’t limit my work to one niche, one type of client, one practice, or a particular industry. I have a platform. I stand for making this world a better place through empowerment and excellence one thought, one word, and one action at a time.  If there’s something a person, a leader, or an organization wants that’s not happening, we make it happen.

I’ve coached thousands of clients of every stature on almost every topic. At the end of the day it’s all same. It doesn’t matter if you’re a CEO of a Fortune 50 or a recent college drop-out, you are getting in your own way. 

The question is how.



Your job title doesn’t matter, neither does the subject matter. Whether it’s life, career, relationships, health – you name it – it’s all related and it’s all on the table.

I’m listening for things you don’t know that you don’t know about the interpretations you make, the beliefs you hold, and the mental habits you practice about yourself and your reality. Because, that’s where you’re tripping on your best efforts.

This work isn’t about project managing habit change. You’ve tried that approach – you and I both know that doesn’t create lasting change. This work is about discovering and exercising new perceptual muscles you didn’t know you had.

Whether it’s in one-on-one, in groups, in class, or on stage…  I cut through the noise, expose your blindspots, and turn your wanted to actual.  Whether we use your personal happiness or your organization’s business objectives as a yardstick for success, we partner on a firm objective and purpose and transform sabotaging actions into transformative success.

Are you ready to revolutionize your life, your work, your organization?



Perspective; reframing exercises and mindset tweaks; specific practices to catapult you into a new way of being; consistent follow up



Growing self-awareness and self-correction


My guarantee that you will achieve your goal


More importantly, you’ll experience a significant shift in the quality of your life and work.  But I’m not meant for everyone. If you’d like to consider working with me, please contact me for a free 30 minute consultation to see if my Always On Purpose program is a perfect fit for you.

Logistics: I have an international reach and so I work with most of my clients over the phone. If your proximity to me is such that in-person sessions are possible, then we’ll work together in my office. Anything is possible, really. But let’s talk to figure out what would be best.

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