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Conversational Intelligence® Coaching

Conversation is the heart of all communication. Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ) is a framework and methodology that integrates the worlds of neuroscience, language, leadership, and relationships to help us “make the invisible visible” in what creates trust, collaboration and innovation in our interactions. Read Conversational Intelligence Overview – The What Why How to learn more.

By increasing your awareness of how conversation works and what trust really is, Amy will coach you and/or your team to transform and elevate interaction dynamics to consistently create higher-quality and more effective conversations and ensure care, courage and candor in all your interactions.

By cutting through the noise and exposing conversational blindspots, she will turn your desired state to actual. Whether you use peace of mind or your organization’s business objectives as a yardstick for success, she will partner with you on a firm objective and purpose, and transform sabotaging conversational patterns into transformative success.

C-IQ coaching engagements are highly customized to your situation, team, or organization.

Conversational Intelligence® Coaching for Teams and Individuals

With the use of tools, assessments, and customized content, Amy will work with your or your team via 1:1 coaching and group coaching to make the invisible visible and evolve your team’s interaction dynamics to increase trust and facilitate more innovation, collaboration, creativity, and productivity.


Amy is absolutely amazing! She worked with my high charging sales team and helped me create a culture of vulnerability which led to high trust among the team. Often while working with individual sales contributors, I’m dealing with a “me first” mindset which leads to behaviors and outcomes that can erode away from a performance culture. High performance isn’t just about achieving results but ensuring the team does it in a collaborative and sustainable way. Amy helped my leadership team and I identify and work with our own shortcomings as well as build deep empathy and love for each other that helped get us through some very turbulent times. She effectively helped us raise our Conversational Intelligence… If only we were all lucky enough to work with Amy.”

– Mike Bohnett, Vice President of Sales, Instawork (previously Head of Sales and Lead Development at Demandforce)

“Thank you for a life-changing session with our team last week. That is not an exaggeration. What you said about listening to connect is so powerful, it’s like a mantra for me now. Hope we get to work with you again.”

–Daniel Verrico, Director of Customer Success, RichRelevance