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Conversational Intelligence® Workshops

We offer half day or full day C-IQ immersion workshops tailored to your group, team or organization. Participants with a heightened understanding of what trust really is, how to really create it, and with a new vocabulary and toolset to elevate the quality of collaboration and innovation in your culture. By breaking down the components of all conversations and mapping them to core C-IQ principles, our workshops will detail how different conversations lead others into either “I-centric” protective or “we-centric” partner behaviors. Through reflective exercises, participants will experience the cost of poor communication and practice new approaches and Conversational Essentials that lead to growth, partnership, and mutual success.

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Schedule a customized Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) workshop for your team

Give your team a half-day or full day immersion workshop into the art, science, and practice of creating trust using the framework of C-IQ.

“Amy came to ANX Home Healthcare and Hospice Care as a facilitator and left as one inspiring/uplifting friend to all that attended her C-IQ session. Her energy was infectious, the content was engaging and transformational. Her enthusiasm was grounded and relatable. We now have a shared language that has strengthened our understanding of how we partner and communicate our thoughts, needs, and deadlines in a transformational way – shared reality. ANX is now a “we-centric” culture.”

– Kimberly McLeod, Director Human Resources

“Amy’s coaching and teaching abilities are outstanding. I’ve been to a lot of workshops, seminars, industry and subject matter training and Amy is among the best I’ve seen. Her stage manner and presence puts audiences at ease and promotes interaction when required and engagement in the subject matter. She has made multiple presentations to different workgroups in our company and her reviews are always glowing. Amy is always professional, informed, empathetic when necessary and good in small or large group settings. She is an effective lateral thinker and participates meaningfully in creative or brainstorming sessions. She is great at follow up, finding ways for companies to keep conversations alive in order to effect lasting change.”

–Marc Cawdrey, COO Saint John’s Program For Real Change