I like what Joe Rogan has to say about what success really is: ‘I love a success story, but even more than a success story, I like a story about a dude who messes his life up and gets it back together again… ‘ To me, that’s what it means to live Always On Purpose.”

KC Harris

Chief of Staff

KC is way more than an assistant, he is the creative force behind Always On Purpose’s new ventures. He is the loving and uncomfortable nudge necessary to keep Amy active on all things social media. He holds the Always On Purpose heartbeat of care, joy, and enthusiasm and is the one who supports potential clients through the inquiry and matching process. He is the organizer of all things complicated, the manager of all things urgent, the keeper of calendars, and oftentimes Amy’s voice of reason.

KC is currently a student at UC Berkeley designing his own degree with the school’s interdisciplinary program. He is also a YouTuber, major self-help book reader, and older brother.

As an aspiring coach himself, KC is happy to have found a home here at Always On Purpose. He infuses the practice with optimism and joy while he learns more about coaching, and continues to build his degree and experiment with content creation in the meantime.