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  • Amy Wong is a powerhouse. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic keynote speaker to ignite your event, a skilled trainer to deliver an impactful workshop for your leaders or teams, or an experienced coach to help take your life and career to the next level, Amy can do it.

    Mike Robbins, author of Nothing Changes Until You Do

  • Brandy helped me to reach my goals, and I recommend her as a life coach without reservation. She has the unique ability to help you find your own tools and believe in yourself… I am confident you will be happy with her services.

    R. Alarian

  • Amy's insightfulness and understanding of what is food for growth and expansion helped me break through the remaining barriers that I was creating for myself... I am now living a life that I thought I never could have.

    Dr. Andrea Rosario

  • It was amazing the kind of internal movement, personal reflection and ultimately self-actualization that I accomplished in only a few sessions!

    Ashley Rosales

  • Brandy’s coaching was really empathetic. She helped me pursue the things I wanted but was too afraid to take action on. She also helped me to stop doubting myself and to start focusing on the things that energize me and feel engaging to me. Her coaching creates tangible results…

    M. Inzunza

  • Thank you, Amy, for a life changing session at our company’s conference in Vegas last week. That is not an exaggeration. What you taught us about listening to connect is so powerful, it’s like a mantra for me now. Hope we get to work with you again.

    Daniel Verrico

Own the Room: Two Minute Talk

If You Want It Bad Enough, Just Expect It

"If You Want It Bad Enough, Just Expect It" by Amy Eliza Wong, Executive Life Coach in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Sacramento CA

In my darker moments I think, “I’m making it up as I go along…”

And in my brighter moments I think, “I’m making it up as I go along!!!

Either way, I’m making it up. The question is, “What am I making up?”

Part of me would like to think I’m not entirely responsible for everything in my life – mainly for the things gone wrong and stuff not going my way. It would be so much easier to blame conditions, circumstances, and other people as the reasons for things not turning out exactly as I want.

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If you could choose a life-changing epiphany…

"Choose Your Life-Changing Epiphany..." by Amy Eliza Wong, Executive/Life coach in San Francisco, Berkeley, and Sacramento, CA

Feel it out, don’t figure it out

This counterintuitive revelation hit me at an uncomfortable time in my life about 10 years ago when I was forced to acknowledge that while my life was pretty perfect, it was wasn’t the perfect life for me. (See my talk here on Failing Forward to UC Berkeley students). I had worked hard to establish the success I had, but I couldn’t keep walking the path I was on… for no real reason other than that I felt empty and unfulfilled.

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“Failing Forward” – my speech to UC Berkeley’s incoming students

When I got the request to speak to all the incoming students at UC Berkeley on Failing Forward last month, I got up close and personal with my fears… and my own message.  Would I be able to pull it off? Does what I have to say matter to 10,000+ incoming students??

My concern was not unfounded.  This is a big, and NEW, important topic for Cal.  A university that prides itself on its excellence now asks students to fail??  Pretty noteworthy – so much so the news even picked up on what a few professors and I had to say about it:

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Demystifying the Art of Decision Making

"This Might Make You Stop Short" by Amy Eliza Wong, Life Coach in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area

Often I find that whatever theme percolates and emerges in my personal and professional life, it’s usually worth distilling into an article. For the past couple of years, that happened regularly enough to offer an article every two weeks. Now that I’m traveling all over the continent to coach others, I haven’t had the chance to translate these themes as regularly. Hopefully that will change now that summer is here!

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