Amy Eliza Wong - Always On Purpose Life Coach

"The best part about our coaching is Amy always truly listened to my every word with an open heart only to help me realize, I am the only one with the power to make my reality. Thank you Amy for helping me brake through my "imaginary" barriers. "

– Eva Clark, CalPERS


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“Amy has been such an invaluable part of my evolution. As an “always on high gear” woman, I have really struggled with balance and anxiety. When I first started seeing Amy, it was because I realized that I was at a point where I had done all of the self-exploration and growth that I could do without very skilled help to help me reach my potential. Her insightfulness and understanding of what is food for growth and expansion helped me break through the remaining barriers that I was creating for myself. With her thought provoking guidance, I am living a life that I thought I never could have. Even after our initial goal of finding those remaining barriers to success,  Amy is my “go to gal” for when life circumstances start becoming overwhelming or I am at a loss for what steps to take next. She is just a beautiful soul. I can’t recommend her highly enough!”

Andrea Rosario

Dr. Andrea Rosario
Functional Neurologist and Chronic Disease Specialist

“A popular Buddhist maxim says that when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Over the past several months, as I began to go through some of the most difficult transitions of my life, my sessions with Amy grew increasingly significant and timely. It became evident to me that the universe provided me my most appropriate teacher, at just the right time. Not only does Amy operate from a place of non-judgement and empathy, making her a truly compassionate listener, but she has an uncommon level of awareness that both grounds me and broadens my perspective. As any great teacher would admit, each student has the answers within, and it is the teacher’s role to simply bring the student’s inner knowing to the forefront. Amy never tells me the way, instead she has a way of reigniting and nurturing the flame inside me, empowering me to light my own path with renewed courage and conviction. Her pertinent questions have brought to my awareness my grandest insights and realizations, opening me to new possibilities and potential. And not to leave me temporarily inflated, she concludes each session by helping me envision, intend, and implement the insights and breakthroughs achieved.” Sergio Garcia

Sergio Garcia
Sales Manager, Demandforce

“Amy truly has a gift for what she does. Even after just one session, I walked out of her office feeling like I had a revelation–and this is coming from someone who considers herself to be an introspective person. Amy has an intuitive talent for really listening to what you’re saying and asking the kinds of questions that pin-point “what’s really going on.” She has helped me to identify where my strengths are and to overcome fundamental barriers that have imposed limits to my happiness. Amy has helped me realize through her coaching that those barriers, as it turns out, were created in my head and are therefore very easy to remove! With each session, I continue to learn more about myself and learn techniques that help make life less of a struggle and more fulfilling and joyful. It is apparent to see that Amy herself “walks the walk,” and she has a skill for guiding her clients to tap into the same proactive positivity to overcome their personal trials and experience the happiness that is waiting for us all.”Monali Joshi

Monali Joshi
Renewable Energy Consultant, Black and Veatch;
Adjunct Professor, Sonoma State University

“I wouldn’t be exaggerating a bit to say that Amy has changed my life for the better. When I started working with Amy I had a lot of anxiety and and was struggling with some potential major life decisions. She helped me to gain clarity and reframe the way I thought about things.  One of the biggest things I came to realize through working with Amy is that there is no ‘giant book in the sky” telling me how my life should look- that my life is my own and by being my authentic, true self my path will emerge. I have gained a real sense of peace of mind from working with Amy. She really does have a gift. She is a great listener, compassionate, insightful and intuitive. I recently recommended Amy to friend who is having a tough time because I KNOW Amy is the right person to help her on her journey. I will continue to sing her praises to anyone I know that is seeking a life coach.”   Amber Golik

Amber Golik
Wife and Mother of three

“What do you get when you cross a thought provoking teacher, high energy cheerleader and a spirit healer?  You get Amy Eliza Wong! You get all these people in one dynamic package when Amy is your life coach. She has completely changed my outlook on life. My life is richer, fuller and brighter since working with Amy.  She is my secret weapon when a challenge comes my way and I need that extra UMPH to get me to the top.  Amy intuitively knows what questions to ask to get my mind thinking.  She does not tell me what to do or how to do it.  Instead she helps me develop my own set of tools so I can help myself overcome past barriers and reach my goals.  When tears come, Amy does not back away or back down.  She helps you up and marches along with you. You have one life. Have it the way you want it and Amy can help you figure out what you want!” Suzy Lee 

Suzy Lee
Executive Assistant and Fitness Competitor

“Aside from being one of the most inspiring people I know, I feel that Amy is truly dedicated to helping me reach my highest potential in every aspect. I always leave her feeling excited, uplifted, and with a fresh perspective on my life!” Rahnie Smith

Rahnie Smith