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Live As If Everything Is An Experiment


"Live as if everything is an experiment" by Amy Eliza Wong, Life Coach in the Sacramento, CA area

What if everything in life was an experiment? Would you be more engaged? More brave? You’d bet you this… you’d live with conviction because you’d know you couldn’t fail.

It feels like every week or so I pick up something new – a new insight, concept, or perception that moves me profoundly. And when it hits, it feels like “Me” talking to me, in some weird Bruce Almighty sort of way. For the big ones, I usually convert them into blog posts. For all the rest, I chew on them, make them a part of my regular internal dialogue, and put them into practice. This week, I share an idea that’s popped up over and over as a result of the current changes happening in my life – career transitions, a decision to move my family back to the bay area, significant shifts in personal relationships…

For this week, and possibly for future posts, I’m sharing the message I received from my unadulterated, “fully-connected-with-all-that-is” inner being.

Live as if EVERYTHING is an experiment.

Dear Amy,

Your inner being here. Hey, so you’ve heard this from great teachers but I’ll say it again: never forget that, in life, you can’t really get it “right,” because you never get it done.

Life is an iterative process: trying, succeeding; trying, getting results you didn’t anticipate; attempting, maybe not getting any results; trying… 

Regardless, it’s all a process. As such, all of life is an experiment. There is no big book in the sky that dictates how things should be. So ease up. Stop trying to align yourself to some imaginary standard. 

Really, truly, everything is an experiment. (Like how you uprooted your family to live near Sacramento, closer to mom and dad, and realized that this just isn’t home for you all. Oops, try again.) There is no failure – just attempts and outcomes. Sure, maybe an outcome might be far from a desired expectation, but that doesn’t mean failure. It doesn’t mean anything. It’s just data. It’s just an outcome. It’s just what is. 

Keep moving forward, keep iterating, never stop.

Never hesitate.

Because all of it is an experiment. What you get is what you need… because you’re doing as best you can… with all that’s available to you in each moment. So take it and move it forward. Live as if everything is an experiment. And know that everything that emerges is always on purpose.

Rock on, ’cause you’re doing great.

Your inner being

Amy Eliza Wong is an executive coach, life coach, and speaker in the Greater Bay Area and Sacramento, CA area committed to helping people figure out what makes them tick so they can finally live with joy and real purpose. Learn more about working with her.