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The Three Step Process to Always Live on Purpose

"A Three Step Process on How to Live On Purpose," by Amy Eliza Wong

What does it mean to live on purpose? It means that you are the at the helm of your own ship, unfazed by the conditions of the sea, fearlessly transforming uncharted territory into an adventure of your own design. To live on purpose means to actively create, own, and celebrate your current and emerging reality through the agency of choice and the magic of feeling it out.

How to Live On Purpose

Here is a three step process that will empower you to a life lived on purpose. It offers you guidance on when to take action (and when not to). Each step is designed to put you right in the middle of the meaningful, joyous, and always on purpose life that is uniquely yours.


Step 1: Accept the concept of synchronicity 

Synchronicity is like a higher-ordered experience of coincidence. It’s charged with meaning and purpose beyond that which is directly observable.

It implies that there is more to life than meets the eye. 

Beyond our perceivable experience lives a world of energy and vibration, and within it a web of interconnectedness. What we usually think of as chance incidents are really signals from this invisible world of energy. They are pointing you toward the life you are born to live.

They fill you with a thrill because they are completely in alignment with the direction you are meant to go in. As you begin to see synchronicity as a phenomenon that is personally significant for you, it will add depth, dimension, and even fun to the experience of feeling it outinstead of figuring it out.

Synchronicity relies on your ability to feel in order to deliver its important messages. As you open to, understand, and embrace its power, you take a quantum leap towards your best life. 


Step 2: Act on inspired thoughts


Do you know the single most effective tool for tapping into this cosmic consciousness of energy and vibration? Are you already sensing which one of your innate capacities helps you to know when to take action, when to pause, and what’s in your best interest? 

The answer is inspiration—the language of your soul.

When you choose to believe there is more to your experience than meets the eye, then you are beginning to live your always on purpose life. This simple yet profound choice means you’re saying, Yes, I trust in the life that’s being revealed to me.

Listening and acting on your inspiration leads to greater unfoldment. Inspiration is both the information and the messenger that runs through the threads of this interconnected web of reality. It connects you to the experiences and expressions that are authentically your own at the most advantageous and delightful time. And in the most fulfilling way. Some of the best feelings in life!

Inspiration leads you to your greatest joy, meaning, and fulfillment. Inspiration leads you to the life you are meant to realize. A life lived on purpose.


Step 3: Honor sluggishness


Lack of motivation is an equally important form of communication, and it must be honored as well. Instead of charging ahead with brute force, your job is to honor this kind of “feeling”as a message from your soul to hold back.

Viewing this through the lens of synchronicity, then waning motivation is crucial communication also. Sluggishness or lack of motivation, therefore, is not a symptom of laziness.

I repeat: sluggishness does not equal laziness! 

Sluggishness means that on some level you are synchronistically resonant with who you really are and what you really want to feel. And therefore your impulse is “inspiring” you to hold back. Your wise inner being understands that in this moment you could engage, but the effort will not be worth the return.

So, you can officially ease up on yourself the next time you feel this way. Honoring sluggishness is a way for you to free up mental and emotional bandwidth, allowing space for inspiration to flow.


This three-step process to live on purpose is honoring both experiences of inspiration and lack of motivation as real and as sacred. As a practice, it invites you to honor inspiration, however it arrives at your door, and never question your drive to do something that might appear illogical. Those out-of-nowhere feelings that light you up are messages that the inspired action is more than worth the effort and that synchronistic events and momentum will follow to confirm.

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