We have a process for lasting transformation from
the ground up.

This is not psychotherapy. This is not “feel good” coaching. This is an interdisciplinary-based approach that tackles the root cause of issues to generate lasting change.


Our Approach to Personal and Professional Growth.

We have an inborn drive to flourish ⁠— to prosper, experience joy, and vibrantly navigate the world with others.

At AoP we pull from different disciplines, studies, and practices to find a consilient approach to achieving genuine and authentic thriving.

To illustrate this approach, imagine yourself as a big oak tree. The canopy of your tree represents the skills and attributes you may want to develop in your life. For your tree to have a full, lush canopy, all parts of your tree need to be healthy and connected — from the trunk and all the way down to the roots.

The Fundamentals of Thriving Model

Fundamentals of Thriving Model Tree


Represents Your Skills & The Effects of a Solid Foundation.

The canopy represents the skills and results you are looking to achieve. A lush, full canopy is only possible when the roots of the tree are strong and the trunk is healthy. At AoP we don’t want you to waste your time “pruning leaves” without attending to the health of the whole tree.


Represents Your Relationships & Ability to Build Trust with Others.

The trunk represents your ability to create and sustain trust with others. This determines the strength of your environment and the culture in which you operate. To withstand the storms of change, your trunk needs to be rooted, strong, and reliable amid the storm.


Represent Your View of Self & The Foundation of Thriving.

The roots represent the relationship you have with yourself and forms the basis for how you create your entire experience of reality. If we want to thrive, we have to shore up the foundation, or “roots,” and go straight to the source of your beliefs, interpretations, thoughts, and actions. 

Real transformation
starts at the roots.

Most people turn to professional coaching or development programs to focus on the appearance of their canopy, assuming that pruning the leaves to a state of “full” or “lush” or “balanced” equates to a state of thriving.

We commonly hear things like, “I want to work on my confidence,” “Help me change my habits to get higher self-esteem,” “I want to be more compelling,” and “Give me techniques to stop procrastinating.”

At AoP, we don’t want you to waste your time just “pruning leaves” without minding the health of the whole tree. For a tree, for you, to really thrive all parts of the tree need to be healthy and connected – from the roots (relationship to self) to the trunk (relationships with others), to the branches and leaves (results and attributes). When we address the totality of your experience, from self-perception to the resulting effects – we will to achieve real, long-term transformation.

This is what Amy & AoP Programs Address.

Most organizations work on leadership development expecting solutions that “prune the canopy.” That is, they look for ways to achieve specific goals such as:

  • Effective feedback (giving and receiving)
  • Active listening
  • Better delegation
  • Inspired storytelling
  • Stronger executive presence
  • Compelling presentation skills
  • Next-level innovation
  • Authenticity
  • Greater influence
  • Increased emotional intelligence
  • Quick thinking and better decisions

While techniques “that prune” may satisfy the need for a time, they’re ultimately limited. 

Starting at the “roots,” our clients will gain the courage to be honest with themselves about the fears they may hold or don’t want to acknowledge and with heightened self-awareness, they embody the art and science of trust, and sustain authentic relationships. From this foundation plus the right tools, processes and frameworks pulled from the appropriate disciplines we produce desired “goals” and results. This holistic approach produces stronger, lasting change and is the cause of a greater transformation.

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