4-Step Process to Resolve Conflict Quickly

Learn to reduce friction, be heard, & find an agreeable outcome in 4 easy steps.


The Truth About Decisions

In life we are faced with countless decisions. Choices, dilemmas, and trade-offs begin the moment we wake up: “Do I force myself out of bed or hit snooze one more time?” to throughout the day: “Do I want a burrito

(Event) Women’s Leadership Conference at Mount Saint Mary’s, September 15th, 2018

Leadership isn’t for a moment. It’s for a lifetime. Join me at Mount Saint Mary’s University’s 2018 Women’s Leadership Conference, and discover what it takes to lead consistently, effectively and in times of change. September 15 is your chance to

Three REAL Ways To Eliminate Stress & Misery

  You’re sick of your situation. Your partner is driving you up the wall, the kids are too. You’re frustrated with your job. You’re tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed. If things would just finally CHANGE, you’d feel so much

Bring Your Whole Self To Work

Are you ready to unlock more creativity, build stronger relationships, and improve your work performance? The lines between our personal and professional lives are blurred more than ever these days.  Whatever is happening to us outside of work – whether

If You Want It Bad Enough, Just Expect It

In my darker moments I think, “I’m making it up as I go along…” And in my brighter moments I think, “I’m making it up as I go along!!!” Either way, I’m making it up. The question is, “What am

Amy’s Resources and Inspirations

What moves me, calls me to action and serves as the source of my inspiration you ask?  This!! Trust, Conversations, The Brain and Evolved Leadership The Neuroscience of Trust by Paul Zak (hbr) The Neurochemistry of Positive Conversations by Judith