4-Step Process to Resolve Conflict Quickly

Learn to reduce friction, be heard, & find an agreeable outcome in 4 easy steps.


If you could choose a life-changing epiphany…

Feel it out, don’t figure it out This counterintuitive revelation hit me at an uncomfortable time in my life about 10 years ago when I was forced to acknowledge that while my life was pretty perfect, it was wasn’t the

“Failing Forward” – my speech to UC Berkeley’s incoming students

When I got the request to speak to all the incoming students at UC Berkeley on Failing Forward last month, I got up close and personal with my fears… and my own message.  Would I be able to pull it off? Does

Demystifying the Art of Decision Making

Often I find that whatever theme percolates and emerges in my personal and professional life, it’s usually worth distilling into an article. For the past couple of years, that happened regularly enough to offer an article every two weeks. Now

Increase your Conversational Intelligence, August 5th, 10-4pm at Stanford Continuing Education

Dear friends, if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m heavily involved in the emerging field of Conversational Intelligence. I’m excited to announce that I will be teaching a workshop on Conversational Intelligence on Saturday August 5th

Save The Date! “Own The Room” and Up Your Game

Greeting Friends! Much of the reason you’ve not heard from me this month is because I’ve been busy coaching for Own The Room! It’s an honor and a privilege to work alongside some of the most talented coaches in the world,

Heard Of A Pairing As Unlikely As This?

  If you’ve given any notice to Virgin America’s recent ad campaign about its merger with Alaska Airlines you probably agree that, yes, electricity and guitars was a surprisingly great combo too. Here’s another one… uncertainty and joy. Ok, so that might not be as ridiculously