4-Step Process to Resolve Conflict Quickly

Learn to reduce friction, be heard, & find an agreeable outcome in 4 easy steps.


Why 9 out of 10 Conversations Fall Short (and what to do about it)

According to The Creating WE Institute, 35 years of research tells us that most of our conversations are missing the mark and falling short.  Not encouraging, right?  What does “falling short” even mean? Something I’ve always been fascinated with is how

This Miracle Question Replaces Confusion With Clarity

These things might seem unrelated, but imagine for a second what it feels like to: Be stuck in a gut-wrenching dilemma. Have a hard time speaking up or saying no to someone. Be miserable in a relationship because you’re conflicted. Continually disappoint yourself for

Your C-IQ Determines Your Success. What’s Yours?

We all know about IQ, we’re hearing lots about EQ these days… now it’s time to learn about C-IQ. “Success” is such a loaded term. What it means to me is probably very different than what it means to you. But

5 Things Happy People DON’T Do

(And What They Do Instead.) We all want to be happy. Some of us do a really good job at keeping our emotional set point pretty high, while some of us struggle to find joy in anything. And then there are

Truth and Lies about Meditating

I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t have at least some interest in meditating if he or she isn’t already doing so.  There is so much science out there on the transformative benefits, and with mindfulness being this decade’s buzz term, I can’t

It’s Not Real Unless It’s In Front Of You

  How often do you find yourself lost in thought, either rehearsing the future or rehashing the past? What would you say your overall mood is as a result? So many of us, myself included, lose ourselves in the stuff back

That Crazy Person Isn’t Me!!

  Most often, and particularly now in this period of my life, I reflect on how I’m in the midst of some sort of personal transformation. A theme that has been popping up for me and others in my world is mindless reactivity – essentially