4-Step Process to Resolve Conflict Quickly

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What’s Really Holding You Back (You’ll Be Surprised)

What is it that you DO to get ahead in life? Do you… take control and make sure everything goes exactly how you know it needs to? play the hard ass to get people in line? know how to make everyone like you? swoop in at the very last minute and fix everything? question everything and leave no stone unturned? act agreeable and be the ultimate team player? pride yourself in being organized and disciplined to get things done? look for opportunities to debate, and win every time? Think about it for a second and consider this: that part you admire in yourself that keeps you “winning” is exactly what’s defining the impossible for you.  It’s exactly this thing that keeps you from taking it to the next level. For the sake of this conversation, let’s call this thing your

The Mistake You’re Making With Goals

Goals, dreams, vision… the focus of an intended future. For most immediate things, we’ve little problem accomplishing goals – painting the kids’ rooms, updating a personal website, completing a course, taking that much needed week long retreat. But for the bigger long-term dreams… <cue crickets> Something I witness often is visioning paralysis – folks who lack a vivid set of goals for their near and distant future.  I don’t believe it’s for lack of creativity, desire, or ambition, however. I strongly believe it’s for these reasons: We’re terrified we won’t reach it so why even bother. _________ Failing would only confirm my worst beliefs about myself and the world. That’s too painful to bare. _______ We think it’s too limiting.. ____ If I set too specific a goal, what happens when I get there and decide it’s not at all what