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The Real Truth About Procrastination

Why do you fail to follow through? It’s not because you’re lazy. Seriously. Truth is we’re a busy, preoccupied bunch. Overwhelmed, in fact. We live in a world where, not only do we value being scheduled every minute, we’re barraged with near constant distraction. So… why don’t we do what we say we’re gonna do? Because we’re tired! It’s such a cultural norm these days I don’t think we’re really aware of just how depleted we truly are. And the research on behavioral change is clear – the more we are depleted, the harder it is to do anything. I’m sharing this because I’m inviting you to give yourself a break. Know that your energy reserves are a very real, FINITE, thing and is most likely the reason you’re procrastinating. Here’s what’s up… At any point in time, you are playing one of

What Prevents Success and the Impossible

What prevents success might not be what you’re thinking. What is it that you DO to get ahead in life? Do you… take control and make sure everything goes exactly how you know it needs to? play the hard ass to get people in line? know how to make everyone like you? swoop in at the very last minute and fix everything? question everything and leave no stone unturned? act agreeable and be the ultimate team player? pride yourself in being organized and disciplined to get things done? look for opportunities to debate, and win every time? Think about it for a second and consider this: that part you admire in yourself that keeps you “winning” is exactly what’s defining the impossible for you.  It’s exactly this thing that keeps you from taking it to the next level. For the

Where’s Amy?

Where’s Amy? Good question! Yes, it really has been since September, 2011 that I’ve been able to blog. I guess that’s what can happen when one takes on a full time job at IDEO, has another baby, and then moves to a different city. A LOT has occurred since I last reached out. Well, hang on tight because I’m getting back in the saddle! I’ll be up and running, consistently, in about a month. Until then, check out my articles to keep you busy. 🙂 Until then with much anticipation, Amy