4-Step Process to Resolve Conflict Quickly

Learn to reduce friction, be heard, & find an agreeable outcome in 4 easy steps.


Beyond a topical fix – TRUST as the focal point

With the velocity that technology is evolving, businesses are continually needing to recreate themselves to stay relevant. As companies channel their resources to keep up and compete for the brightest minds, they are also dedicating resources to their employees’ well-being.

Uncover Your Deepest Motivations with the Enneagram

The best life design is the one that fits how you’re designed.  One tool for revealing your design is the Enneagram. The  Enneagram is a well-respected assessment that helps us uncover our deepest motivations.  The  Enneagram is a well-respected assessment that helps us uncover our deepest motivations.  In the end, you’re assigned one of nine numbers.  Some of us are motivated to perform.  Others are motivated to help.  Others seek newness and excitement.

Don’t Be a But-Head!!

Catchy title, right? I was pretty stoked when it hit me on my walk this morning. So stoked, in fact, I had to share it with my kids over breakfast. “Hey guess what, kiddos. I just thought of the best

Redefining Success – Three Lessons on the Journey from Busy to Still

As a coach, I hear so often that clients feel frazzled, burnt-out, and unfulfilled. They want rest, connection, and wellness, but their calendars are full and they won’t let themselves slow down. Why? Somewhere along the line, the world has

Three REAL Ways To Eliminate Stress & Misery

  You’re sick of your situation. Your partner is driving you up the wall, the kids are too. You’re frustrated with your job. You’re tired of feeling stressed and overwhelmed. If things would just finally CHANGE, you’d feel so much

Bring Your Whole Self To Work

Are you ready to unlock more creativity, build stronger relationships, and improve your work performance? The lines between our personal and professional lives are blurred more than ever these days.  Whatever is happening to us outside of work – whether