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burning man

10 Reasons We Love Burning Man

Burning Man! It’s that time of year, folks! Burners have pulled out their dusty storage bins of tutus, goggles, and EL wire and are packing up their vehicles with water, fuzzy bikes, and sunblock. Sadly, my husband and I will be missing out on what the playa has to offer this year. Nevertheless, I intend to channel my inner child anyway. How? I’m having Aila, my 2-year-old daughter, dress me up everyday (think leg warmers, hard hat, and angel wings), I’ll randomly throw all-purpose flour around the house, and I’ll make a few bonfires in the backyard and burn stuff. I’ll let you know how it goes. So while my family creates our own version of Burning Man this week, I reflect on why I love this festival in the desert so darn much. Burning Man forces me back to my uninhibited, wildly

Why We Sabotage Our Own Success

We say we want to lose weight, yet the scale isn’t budging. We want to spend more time with our friends, however, there’s never enough time. We told ourselves that we’d feed our creativity and finally start those creative writing/tennis/salsa/piano lessons but haven’t pulled the trigger. Conflicting Commitments It’s a simple concept that clears up confusion on why we don’t end doing what we say we’re committed to doing. It seems pretty obvious, but we rarely work it all the way through. Knowing what’s going on in the background can help us understand why we behave in ways that undermine our own success. Is it laziness? Procrastination? Lack of willpower? No, not usually. Here’s why: everything we do – every thought, word, and action that arises from us – serves us in some way. There is nothing we do that

get what you want

How To Get What You Want

It’s been full, exciting, and uncertain over the past couple of months. Over the past 6, I’ve been working to carve out a specific outcome for my coaching practice. I’ve been expecting that my career path head in a very specific (and narrow) direction and just last week, I’ve had to face the reality that it’s not going to. This particular opportunity requires my 100% presence in San Francisco. While I was hopeful, it’s just not possible as a wife and mom of two littles doing a majority of the day-to-day in Sacramento. Sigh. All good. I’ve since sobered up to see the always on purpose-fulness of this. And interestingly, a day after I had to face the facts, an even more enthralling opportunity has emerged that’s just as exciting, if not more so, than what I was originally shooting

annoyed and impatient

3 Reasons We’re Annoyed and Impatient

I’ve always considered myself a pretty patient and tolerant person. Growing up in a home where my mom operated a daycare, and as the oldest sibling of three, I learned how to field things and people so that my nerves weren’t taxed. As I’ve matured and become more deliberate with compassion, I’d like to think that my mindfulness practice helps me to be more kind, generous, and present. But you know what? That doesn’t feel so true at the moment.  I’ve got two kids, lots of demands, and little time. I’m finding that I’m annoyed and impatient more often than I’d like.  Truth is I vacillate between thriving and surviving many times in a day. After recently reflecting on my not-so-proud reactive mommy moments, I’ve come up with three reasons I think I go from peaceful to pissed beyond the


How to Find Your Purpose and Be Happier

A few weeks ago I was asked to take part in a summit called The Less Traveled Path To True Purpose with 21 other “Purpose Experts” hosted by Lora Lefhea. It was actually pretty fun! If purpose is a topic you’re interested in and you didn’t get to experience the whole summit last week, you now at least have a chance to hear my personal take on it. In this 20 minute interview I share: What I think purpose really is Where the magic of coaching actually happens The goods on mindfulness and emotions A tip on alleviating disappointment A practical practice to uncover your purpose Having purpose is fundamental to feeling true fulfillment in life. So what’s yours? Ask a question, leave a comment, or share some inspiration. Thanks for listening! 🙂 Amy Eliza Wong is a life coach, writer, and speaker in the Sacramento, CA area committed to


Give Me More Space

As adults we often talk about wanting, needing, or honoring “more space” in our lives. Space in all forms – physical, mental, and emotional – is important for our growth and sanity. We give our kids “time-outs” to come back to center, we do solo activities like hike, run, or walk to clear our heads, we even voluntarily choose to go on silent meditation retreats to reset within the singular space of ourselves. Space is good. Space is powerful.  But the space I’m interested in isn’t this kind of space. To me those are metaphors for the space where life’s potential energy actually resides… The space between stimulus and response. “Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.” – Viktor Frankl The


5 Lies & How They Impact You

I might be talking about lies this week, but let me start with one thing that’s TRUE: all of us are doing our darn best to have a good life – we do the best we know how given all we’ve got. That said, here are a few possible lies that could be running in the background limiting your joy during the journey. Check it out. Lie #1: There is a right way (and a wrong way) Says who? There’s no big book in the sky that dictates how things should be. There is no “right” way, there is just A way. There may be a way that could be more efficient or one that yields more benefit, but it doesn’t mean it’s “right.” When we get trapped by this idea that there is a right vs. wrong way, we