4-Step Process to Resolve Conflict Quickly

Learn to reduce friction, be heard, & find an agreeable outcome in 4 easy steps.


How To Overcome COVID Crisis Mental Malaise

Here are two things you can do to during this COVID crisis to overcome mental haziness. I will show you to shift your perspective to manage uncertainty. We’re into week three of Shelter-in-Place here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The novelty is wearing off in our house and we’re sobering up to the new normal. Trying to find the balance of being mom to two children, wife to a restaurateur, and coach to my clients has been a moment-by-moment effort in navigating with grace. I’m supposed to be good at this because I’m a transformational coach. But, I too, need to reach out to my support system and get coached by my colleagues. While settled in with my family I feel a surreal sense of peace and calm despite the anxiety of uncertainty that surrounds us all. But, beyond

Uncover Your Deepest Motivations with the Enneagram

The best life design is the one that fits how you’re designed.  One tool for revealing your design is the Enneagram. The  Enneagram is a well-respected assessment that helps us uncover our deepest motivations. 

Redefining Success – Lessons On Stillness

As a coach, I hear so often that clients feel frazzled, burnt-out, and unfulfilled. They want to rest, connection, and wellness, but their calendars are full and they won’t let themselves slow down. Why?

Slow the Aging Process with Perspective

If someone told you you could absolutely slow the aging process and increase your health-span and quality of your life without spending a dime – that the solution was scientifically proven and it was easier than you could imagine – would you pay attention?

Maybe the answer is not in “resolutions”

Everything we want – either to gain, change, improve or remove something from our life – is not for the thing or change itself. It’s because we think it’s going to make us FEEL a different way.

The Truth About Decision Making

A common topic among a lot of my clients is around decisions. For significant issues, decision making can be crippling. There is an idea that if we don’t make the RIGHT decision then we begin a domino effect of less than ideal circumstances and will consequently live a failed life.


3 REAL Ways To Eliminate Stress & Misery

The stress you’re experiencing is nothing more than resistance to what is. That’s it. Yes, your resistance to what is is the sole cause of your discomfort, unhappiness, and flat-out stress.