4-Step Process to Resolve Conflict Quickly

Learn to reduce friction, be heard, & find an agreeable outcome in 4 easy steps.


Maybe the answer is not in “resolutions”

Happy New Year, friends!! It’s a week into this brilliant new year of 2019 and here’s what’s on my mind… The optimism, hope, and excitement for personal change in 2019 is palpable.  I’m excited about the clean-slate feel and opportunity

How are we not talking about this??

If someone told you you could absolutely slow the aging process and increase your health-span and quality of your life without spending a dime – that the solution was scientifically proven and it was easier than you could imagine –

The Truth About Decisions

In life we are faced with countless decisions. Choices, dilemmas, and trade-offs begin the moment we wake up: “Do I force myself out of bed or hit snooze one more time?” to throughout the day: “Do I want a burrito

If You Want It Bad Enough, Just Expect It

In my darker moments I think, “I’m making it up as I go along…” And in my brighter moments I think, “I’m making it up as I go along!!!” Either way, I’m making it up. The question is, “What am

If you could choose a life-changing epiphany…

Feel it out, don’t figure it out This counterintuitive revelation hit me at an uncomfortable time in my life about 10 years ago when I was forced to acknowledge that while my life was pretty perfect, it was wasn’t the

Demystifying the Art of Decision Making

Often I find that whatever theme percolates and emerges in my personal and professional life, it’s usually worth distilling into an article. For the past couple of years, that happened regularly enough to offer an article every two weeks. Now