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Nervous? Turn That Fear Into Fuel

Public speaking, a presentation, speaking up in meetings… if you’ve ever had to put yourself out there and found yourself nervous, then this week’s article is for you.

Anxious Or Nervous? How To Turn This Fear Into Fuel.

When do you feel anxious or nervous? Chances are it’s when you have to speak to a group of people. Today my colleague and I are giving a talk to a large group of government employees on the effects of stress and stress management. I’m really excited because I love this topic. But I’m also getting hit with occasional waves of nervousness. Through the past week I’ve wondered: “What if I completely bomb this?” “What if others think I’m terrible?” “What if I’m met with a lot of resistance?” I’m noticing a very real experience of anxiety. Over the past month, I’ve also noticed this theme emerge in conversations with my clients and friends: “I’m having a really hard time speaking up in my meetings.” “I’m going away for the weekend with this new guy I’m dating and I’m really nervous.”