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The Gift Of Choice Is More Profound Than You Think

As we enter into the holiday season, particularly the reverent week of Thanksgiving, I can’t help but focus on gratitude.  Years past, I’ve reflected on gratitude as a “beingness,” or stance, rather than an activity.  This year, I narrow in and focus on one thing I’m thankful for – one thing us humans rarely stop to acknowledge… Choice. The fact that we are at choice is profound. We exercise basic choice – like preferences and how we live our lives – to significant choice: our perception, beliefs, interpretations, and essentially what’s possible for us and our life. This week I share a reflection my friend and colleague, Sina Mossayeb, captured in honor of choice – a gift we can all be incredibly thankful for. “Have you ever made a choice you know was high risk, certainly not accepted by the masses

Tweak one idea and be dilemma-free

In life we are faced with countless decisions. From the moment we wake up: “Do I stay in bed for an extra 10 minutes and or do I get up now?” to throughout the day: “Do I want a burrito for lunch or do I want a salad?” until bedtime: “Do I want to watch the Jimmy Fallon show or do I just want to go to bed?” Gone are the days that everything was spelled out and all we had to do was play. Speaking of those days… a about a year ago, my husband and I were facing some anxiety issues with our son, Aidan. We didn’t realize it was anxiety, we saw it as behavioral stuff and thought he’d hit an inevitable stage of defiance. His Waldorf kindergarten teacher at the time said it had nothing to