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A Trick To Curtail Disappointment

Feeling disappointed isn’t very fun. In fact, many of us do whatever we can to avoid it. We do this by not getting our hopes up, assuming the worst, and/or refusing to dream big.  Because disappointment hurts. But guess what? It doesn’t have to. A friend of mine shared a distinction with me that has forever changed my view of disappointment. Ask yourself this: Is my disappointment from a failed expectation or from a failed agreement? Here’s the deal: disappointment is a function of expectation, and expectation is a funny animal. It’s either a shared vision between privy parties or a singular world of swirling assumptions.  Disappointment is a possibility in either case.  But we can decrease the frequency of painful/negative feelings simply by switching out expectation for agreement in our daily routine. Check it out: An expectation is an anticipation of how someone/thing