4-Step Process to Resolve Conflict Quickly

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Knowing This About Communication Will Up Your Game

Something I notice is how people transmit information, thinking they’re effective and diplomatic, when in fact the mode of delivery muddles the message sending all parties into assumption land. This week I address one of the most basic elements of human life: communication. Because the reality is, practically all conflict arises in relationship, and relationship is created in communication. Let me break it down: there are only 4 ways we communicate. At any point in time we’re delivering either a: Statement Question Request or Demand That’s it. Pretty straightforward when you think about it, but many times people unknowingly use one mode when they’re intending another. This is grounds for conflict. Why? We’re left having to interpret the message, inevitably leading to crossfire. “I see there are dishes in the sink.” Translation: “Can you please take care of your dishes in