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Hardship Required

Does overcoming personal hardship imply making a significant difference in the world? When I think of people that make a big impact it seems that every one of them has overcome hardship. Ok, maybe not everyone, but most. I stop and ponder the motivation. The empathy and compassion these folks are tapped into isn’t fake, it’s real  – they have a deep genuine desire to connect with those that are in need and improve their lives. Why? Because they personally have known the suffering. I don’t know if you know much about Tony Robbins, but in his latest book he talks about his childhood. Pretty rough stuff. And look what he’s doing now. Pretty phenomenal. Then I reflect on my own life. By no means did I suffer greatly, but in my own way I had personal hardship. When I


Gratitude is more than “Thank You”

Gratitude isn’t something we do, it’s a quality we embody. There is no way I can approach the holidays and not contemplate gratitude. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and so I reflect on appreciation as a way of being. Not just some activity to be done around the dinner table before we feast, but as a stance I hold that allows gratitude to permeate my existence every day of the year. In the same way we say someone has the quality of “nice” we can also say someone has the quality of “gratitude.” To be more grateful… Yes, you can take note of all the wonderful things in your life instead of focusing on lack, or stop and take a moment to feel grateful for whatever is your focus, but I’m talking about a kind of perspective shift that forces you to be