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holiday eating tips

Holiday Eating Tips – Food vs. Joy

(Holiday Eating Tips – originally published on The Womens Project as Food vs. Joy.) Wouldn’t you agree that the holidays bring up just as much stress as they do joy? As Christmas music starts to play, twinkling lights begin to go up, and cloying scents of cinnamon and pine waft through department stores, our nostalgic childhood memories are summoned by familiar feelings of joyous anticipation and comfort.  It feels wonderful. Until it doesn’t.  Crowds, hyper-materialistic consumerism, and weight gain, oh my! We might be pretty good at controlling our experience around mobs of crazed shoppers, but what about all the amazing food?? I mean, we HAVE to eat to stay alive, right? While we can avoid Black Friday for sanity’s sake, we cannot forgo sustenance.  It’s not so easy to eliminate the things we need to survive (read: fudge), especially

10 Reasons We Love Burning Man

Somewhere between the ages of 8 and 34 years old I forgot how to be playful and free. I mean, like, TRULY playful and free – the filled with wonder and silly abandon kind of stuff.  That unfortunate, but highly productive, need for order and achievement that popped up from my adolescent insecurities squashed my inner child. So much so I forgot I had one. Until I went back to Burning Man this year after a three-year break. My husband and I have had valid excuses (new baby, possible spinal surgery, move to another city, blah blah). But this year we agreed to go with our closest friends and stay with the most amazing “no-camp” camp. And boring story later… …we did it.  It was awesome.  It was worth it. And this is what I’ve figured out: Burning Man forces me