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5 Secrets To Reach Your Fitness Goals

This week I’m sharing the wisdom of my dear friend and mentor, Aniela Gregorek, co-founder of The Happy Body Program. I credit both Jerzy and Aniela Gregorek  for significantly changing my life and introducing me to an approach to health that is instinctive, sustainable, and REAL. These secrets below have become my way of life and as a result my natural default is radiant health, freedom, and joy. Interested? Read on… By Aniela Gregorek In moments when we admit that our diet and exercise habits aren’t working, it’s easy to fall into “if only…” excuses. Instead, we can turn the corner on old habits and discover an exciting new direction that gets us off that old treadmill. If you want to become truly lean and fit, you need a holistic, sustainable routine that works for your mind, body and spirit. It’s actually easier than