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If you think you’re really listening, think again

10 simple listening tips to seriously improve ALL of your relationships Nothing like the holidays to impel a conversation about communication. Our lives and the quality of our existence are determined by relationships, which are defined by communication. Whether it’s relationship to self or relationship to many, whom you may or may not enjoy the company of, lots of us will be contending with the quality of communication over the next two weeks. So, moving into the new year and inspired by the many conversations I’ve been having over the last few weeks, I share 10 basic tips from a fabulous little read: A Little Book of Listening Skills by Jennifer Austin Leigh and Mark Brady Ph.D, that just may make all the difference for you this holiday season.  I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I’m not sure you realize that what you heard

Are you a crappy friend too?

Take on these 10 simple tips and seriously improve ALL of your relationships. I’m going to admit it, up until the past few years I don’t think I’ve ever been a very good friend. It took becoming a coach for me to realize this. And it’s changed my life – no longer can I blindly go about in my relationships and be what I was: a girl trying hard to be heard and valued all the time. In every relationship and interaction with another, I was silently asking the question: “Do you like me?” I discovered that I’ve been subconsciously seeking approval underneath everything I thought, said, or did within any relationship. Coaching has awakened me to this and though I understand what’s going on, that need to be heard and valued is still there. But I know I’m not alone