"As a child, I longed for conversations about the big questions: Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? Finding opportunities to explore these questions as often as I could, I recognized at a very young age that my truth was all that was relevant and therefore, I was always on purpose."

What else should you know about Amy?

When I am not pondering or actively exploring "being-ness" you will often see me finding any opportunity to celebrate. My almost six year old son and toddler daughter keep the child in me very alive and my chef/restaurateur husband keeps my soul and sensations completely satiated. We actively seek out joy in our lives through gatherings, adventures, and deepening our relationships with those we adore. We travel to experience new sensations, and we entertain to bring delicious merriment to our friends and family. I am a lover of music in any form, the outdoors and anything that requires the use of my physicality, and any reason to bring people together. All in all, you could say I'm a fun-aholic.

I am happily content in every environment, every circumstance, at any moment because I actively live on purpose. But nothing compares to the experience of divinity in the connection made between myself and others, either in one-on-one situations or while speaking, exploring the big questions of life, and being the clearing for others to experience their true power.

Amy Eliza Wong - Always On Purpose Life Coach and family



  • B.A. in Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley
  • M.A. in Transpersonal Psychology, Sofia University, Palo Alto
  • Certificate in Transformational Life Coaching, Sofia University, Palo Alto
  • Certificate in Conversational Intelligence®, C-IQ Certified Coach
  • Communication Coach for Own The Room®
  • Instructor for Stanford Continuing Studies
  • Negotiation Trainer and Consultant for Prism Learning Group
  • Mentor and Coach of The Happy Body Program, The Happy Body


It was during one of my backyard explorations at about the age of five when I had my first transcendent experience. Oddly enough, while observing ants and contemplating the nature of what their perception might be, I got a glimpse of the interconnectedness of existence and the holographic nature of the universe. Impassioned by the desire to understand the Oneness I recognized in that moment, I unknowingly dedicated my life to the search for, and experience of, Truth.

As a child, I longed for conversations about the big questions: Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? Finding opportunities to explore these questions as often as I could, I recognized at a very young age that my truth was all that was relevant and therefore, I was always on purpose.

Exploring this way of being with my continual search for truth manifested in my love of piano, mathematics, and spirituality. Seeking order, elegance, and meaning I received my B.A. in Mathematics at University of California at Berkeley, while I simultaneously explored quantum physics, “being-ness” through consciousness studies, spiritual practices, music, and technology. I spent 10 years in Silicon Valley at Sun Microsystems/Oracle in roles ranging from technical training creation and delivery, user interface design, and project management. With the catalyst of starting my beautiful family, I felt the inspiration to better the world and attend to my true calling: empowering others to awaken to their power, their truth, and ultimately their joy. I switched gears and earned my Masters in Transpersonal Psychology, with a certificate in Transformational Coaching at the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in Palo Alto, California. I began coaching and then worked at IDEO in Palo Alto and San Francisco as an Experience Lead and advocated for our designers well being and coached many of them on career related topics and relationship issues. Now after the birth of my second child I am coaching full-time.

Looking back I can see that my life’s path led me to exercise both my left and right brain and intellectual and spiritual selves to eventually give rise to my balanced approach to discovering truth and wisdom today.


Many have asked how a mathematics major from Berkeley ends up with a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. Couldn’t the two disciplines be more different?

The answer is yes and no. I am a seeker of Truth. Truth comes in many forms. In our Cartesian-Newtonian paradigm today, we tend to believe that truth comes only in the form of measurable evidence. I absolutely value logical, rational, and analytical thinking and all that it produces. It keeps us out of the negative consequences of superstition and dogma. Our current methods for observation and reasoning are to establish facts and develop certainty – both necessary for navigating within this material world. But this is not the only way to perceive reality and use as the basis for establishing personal criteria to live meaningful lives. We are highly complex beings operating for ineffable reasons.

We are more than just a mind and we are more than just a body; and we are more than just a body with a mind. We are an essence, an idea, a presence, a being, an identity, a people, a humanity, a species, a planet, a universe.

My passion? Trusting the non-linear, embracing the paradox, owning the implied responsibility, and integrating in the mystery with our current mode of thinking and scientific inquiry and presenting it in such a way that personal truth becomes available within any frame of reference. With a foot in each world, I help reframe perceptions so to empower others to joyously and purposefully live the lives they deeply desire.