Bounce back from disruption, embrace uncertainty, and succeed in the midst of transitions.

We’re at an unprecedented time in history. Infotech and biotech are evolving faster than our infrastructure can keep up, thus industries and professions are being taxed with a constant question of relevance.

If your team is at the forefront of innovation, then it is ripe for adversity, disruption, and high stress. This can either make or break a team and result in either highly novel and innovative solutions or stagnation and turmoil. Without the right mindset and tools for today’s rapidly changing landscape, teams risk sacrificing their collective brainpower for survival tactics.

This program is a fit for your team if:

  • Your team is experiencing low morale and getting overwhelmed.
  • “Stress” is more than a buzzword. It has become an identity.
  • Interpersonal dynamics are strained, overwhelming, or unclear.
  • “Burnout” is a common theme.

We meet these challenges by diving into the art and practice of resiliency. “Resiliency” is both a trait and a discipline.

To be resilient in a professional context requires an ability to speak up and have bold conversations that catalyze awareness, community, and change, which also requires a mindset that can hold multiple perspectives. A mindset that can reframe, redirect, and refocus in the face of setbacks and challenges.

But speaking up requires vulnerability and compassion, and perceptiveness requires an ability to see objectively and name our “stories.” 

This isn’t simple when stress runs high.

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In this customized workshop, we bring all this together and discuss best practices for zooming out, facilitating bold conversations, practicing mindful compassion and being the calm amidst the storm.

Blending together the latest in neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology, we will use reflective exercises and group discussion for participants to come to know themselves better and practice tools to be more resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks.

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“Change One Word, Change Your Life”

We all understand resiliency starts from within. But between balancing all the things we “should” be doing at work, at home, and in life can leave us feeling burnt out despite our very best efforts. Knowing what to do to be more resilient isn’t the easiest thing to do when stress runs high. In this eye-opening session, Amy will go beyond the superficial fixes for stress and introduce a new way to understand what stress really is, how to transform it with a simple fix, and become more resilient in the face of “what is.” 

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1:1 Resiliency Intensive

In this 6-month partnership, we will dive deeply into what resilience really means for you and empower you with an entirely new experience of internal capacity to hold uncertainty and deal with high stress. In this fluid and dynamic partnership, we’ll cover the biological and neurological basis for your personal capacity for resilience, uncover self-sabotaging mental habits and behaviors, and apply customized practices and tools to root you in the present moment and be the calm amidst the storm.

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