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Workshops and Facilitation

We can customize an experience to help you accomplish your organizational goals.

In addition to considering any of our workshops below, we can create a workshop or experience specifically customized to meet your challenges and goals. Amy brings instructional knowledge and masterful facilitation to the table. She will partner with you to understand the opportunity and design a high-impact, collaborative experience for your audience.

Customize a Workshop with Amy

The content works because it’s based on science.
Audiences respond because we practice what we preach.

Secret Sauce


Conversational Intelligence®

Combining the worlds of neuroscience, leadership, and psychology to understand the science of trust, this framework makes the invisible visible in how to connect, navigate and grow with others. Conversational Intelligence® is a “lens” through which we develop our workshops and connect with our clients.


Transpersonal is defined as experiences in which the sense of identity or self extends beyond (trans) the individual or personal to encompass wider aspects of humankind, life, or psyche. The Always On Purpose philosophy is influenced by the field of Transpersonal Psychology because growth, development, and the ability to thrive aren’t achieved in a vacuum.


As a former mathematician, Amy blends rigor and sound logic to the world of subjective and non-linear personal development. With years working alongside engineers in big tech, she gets first-hand how strong communication skills in an engineering context don’t always translate to strong communication skills with different audiences. Her ability to relate through logic and reasoning makes the transformative process make sense.


Fundamentals of Thriving

Transform blind spots, improve your mindset, and reach your highest potential.


In this half-day workshop for your team, we rip the covers off your perception and go on a journey to discover how you’re unknowingly holding yourself back and what to do about it.  We’ll explore the less-than-ideal relationship you’ve been sustaining with yourself and discover your true source of power and clarity.

By blending together the principles of transformative coaching, transpersonal psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology, this workshop will shift your mindset to remove fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs. You’ll leave with a clearer understanding of who you really are — and who you aren’t.

True self-mastery and excellence is self-expression without fear, authenticity without limitations, and creativity without doubt – it’s mental and emotional freedom. This is thriving.


Trust is the Ultimate Currency

Facilitate a free flow of ideas, foster healthy debate, and produce wildly better outcomes. Learn the art and science of trust.


In this customizable workshop (two-hour, half-day, full-day, or multiple-day), we go under the hood of conversations and deconstruct the science and practice of our interactions to understand the neurological and psychological impact of our verbal and non-verbal practices. By increasing our awareness of how conversation works, we can positively shape our neural pathways to consistently create higher-quality and more effective conversations and sustain a psychologically safe environment of high trust.

Using the framework of Conversational Intelligence®, a field that combines the worlds of neuroscience, language, and leadership, participants will come to understand what trust really is, how trust changes reality, and what they need to do to consistently practice high-quality, high-impact communication.

Participants will leave understanding it’s only with the currency of trust that we truly collaborate, create, and innovate our best ideas, experiences, and realities. Participants will walk away empowered to create and sustain trust with others and ensure mutual success.

(Trust assessments measuring conversational practices/behaviors that create or erode trust are available as a part of a workshop program, inquire for more information.)


The Art of Resiliency

Bounce back from disruption, embrace uncertainty, and succeed in the midst of transitions.


In this customized workshop, we bring all this together and discuss best practices for zooming out, facilitating bold conversations, practicing mindful compassion and being the calm amidst the storm.

Blending together the latest in neuroscience and interpersonal neurobiology, we will use reflective exercises and group discussion for participants to come to know themselves better and practice tools to be more resilient in the face of challenges and setbacks.


Executive Presence

Embody authentic confidence and show up poised, polished, and prepared.


Learn the art of executive presence, storytelling, and compelling presentation to inspire others or win that deal.

Specifically customized as a 1:1 Intensive or Small Group Engagement, Amy will partner with you or your team to extract the essence you want to be conveyed, in style or in a story, to teach the art of authentic confidence and practice the techniques to be influential and memorable. You will walk away with authentic confidence, principles for memorable and compelling communication, and the tools to draw others in with your presence.

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