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Betsy Flanagan Professional Growth Leadership Coach

Betsy Flanagan

Leadership Coach / Facilitator
Certified in StrengthsFinder

I am a strategic innovator with a passion for professional growth and architecting scalable success. I combine rigor, data, and subject matter expertise with intuition and common sense. The result? Leadership learning experiences that drive the business forward and create positive and indelible changes in individuals, the teams they lead, and the companies they work for. Learn more here.

Professional Growth and Leadership Coach

Brando Menjivar

Certified Personal Coach / Professional Growth Coach 

I’m a Certified Personal and Professional Growth Coach that provides deep coaching for high-achieving professionals, parents, and students. I coach my clients to embrace enoughness, live life fully, and find true success in their personal and professional lives. I take an inside-out, holistic, approach to Professional Growth Coaching that best supports sustainable transformation. Let’s go on a leadership journey together!

Britta Williams Professional Growth Leadership

Britta Williams

Personal Assistant / Leadership Project Coordinator

They call me the “Loving Path of Least Resistance” here at AoP.  From every professional growth inquiry to every leadership initiative, I make sure it is inclusive, cohesive, efficient and joyful. The determination I manifest through my intention intersects my everyday life; I strive to make the world a better place one smile, one conversation, and one interaction at a time. Learn more about what we offer here.

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