Our Team


Chandler Minaldi

Head of Engagement

My purpose is to facilitate a sense of connection and belonging, creating a community of trust in a professional setting. My diverse work portfolio and global mindset have refined the foresight necessary to assemble a network of individuals around a common goal, leading them with support, accountability, and empathy.

Allyson Scott


Drawing from 20 years of experience in marketing and communications at agencies, startups, and enterprise companies, I advise executive teams on connecting corporate growth initiatives with market signals to develop and execute a strategic operating plan that accounts for risks, dependencies, resources, and more to achieve a vision on time, within budget, and measured against transparent goals.

Amy Sanchez

Executive Coach and Facilitator
Certified in DiSC

With 13 years of experience working in strategic roles in the corporate space along with an MBA, I combine a logical approach with my classical coach training to create a safe space to get to the heart of workplace opportunities that will move the needle. My goal is to elevate the vibration of the workspace so leaders and companies can maximize their impact and positively change the world. Learn more here.

Betsy Flanagan Professional Growth Leadership Coach

Betsy Flanagan

Leadership Coach / Facilitator
Certified in StrengthsFinder

I am a strategic innovator with a passion for professional growth and architecting scalable success. I combine rigor, data, and subject matter expertise with intuition and common sense. The result? Leadership learning experiences that drive the business forward and create positive and indelible changes in individuals, the teams they lead, and the companies they work for. Learn more here.

Phia Tacastacas

Executive Assistant

With my skills, talent, personality and drive, I help executives reach their full potential. Having the opportunity to work with amazing people and nonprofit organizations over the years has molded me and helped me develop my organizational and problem solving skills, exceptional communication, strategic planning and proactive thinking. I am driven by the limitless possibilities of opportunities, progress and success that I wholeheartedly believe our team can achieve.

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