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A lot of presenters like to talk at their audiences – using slides, following a script – they prioritize getting the content “right.”

Amy is different. She prioritizes reading the room and connecting human-to-human. Whether it’s with an audience of 30 people or 10,000, Amy doesn’t talk at people. She starts a dialogue with people and engages with her audience in an unforgettable, highly personal experience.

The most powerful messages invoke self-reflection. A small shift in perspective can deliver a giant return in results.


It’s Between You and You

Learn how overcoming limiting beliefs leads to your authentic self – the true source of leadership.


What we see out there in others is often what exists within us. As leaders, we’re expected to bring out the best in our people. To inspire excellence in others, we have to identify it in them. Before we can see excellence in others, we need to be familiar with the excellence within ourselves.

This is often the hardest thing to do; in today’s fast-paced and competitive landscape where companies are clamoring for the brightest minds, we can easily fall prey to the nagging question:  “Am I really good enough?”

If this question is present, however subtle, then “Imposter Syndrome” is too. This self-doubt is what holds us back from our highest potential. This is what keeps us from authentically empowering others.

In this eye-opening and empowering talk, Amy will deconstruct the biggest hurdle to evoking excellence in others: the relationship we have with ourselves.


Trust is Your Currency, Communication is Everything

Trust is the Ultimate Currency.


Trust is everything. It’s the ultimate currency. Without “trust,” the needle doesn’t truly move. Growing and sustaining the currency of trust within our working relationships is foundational for inspiring excellence within ourselves and others. 

In this keynote, Amy details the neurobiological and psychological reasons that this is true. Trust doesn’t happen on its own, by accident, or because “we all like each other.” Trust is a science, an art and a practice of Conversational Intelligence® (C-IQ).

Amy will demystify the combined worlds of neuroscience, language, and leadership to make the invisible visible in high trust workplace interactions. Participants will be introduced to listening, speaking and asking frameworks that lead to a culture of high trust, making accessible the wellspring of potential within others.


Change One Word, Change Your Life

Bounce back from disruption, embrace uncertainty, and succeed in the midst
of transitions.


We all understand that resiliency starts from within. But balancing all the things that we “should” be doing at work, at home, and in life can leave us feeling burnt out despite our very best efforts. Knowing what to do to be more resilient isn’t the easiest thing to do when stress runs high.

In this eye-opening session, Amy will go beyond the superficial fixes for stress and introduce a new way to understand what stress really is, how to transform it with a simple fix, and how to become more resilient in the face of “what is.”  

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