Embody authentic confidence and show up poised, polished, and prepared with Executive Presence Coaching .

Broadly speaking, executive presence is defined as a combination of qualities – such as confidence, charisma, authenticity, and eloquence – that together convey a leader’s ability to engage, align, inspire, and move people to act.

But, it’s not just leaders who need to influence others and have a lasting impact. Anyone interacting with anyone else for any reason benefits greatly from embodying the qualities of executive presence.

Executive presence is not an act or a set of techniques. Executive presence is the “it” factor because it is a way of being, not a collection of doings. Embodying that which is executive presence is a journey to know oneself and unconditionally lead from this knowledge.

Leading from your authentic self is in no way a cliche. It’s a life practice. 

Getting there requires attendance to all aspects of your impact on others, and it takes awareness and work within these fundamental pillars:

Authenticityto inspire confidence
Vulnerability to inspire trust
Clarity to be heard and understood
Self-Awareness to be the calm amidst the storm
Magnetism to draw others to your influence and ideas

Executive Presence Coaching helps you to:

  • Inspire confidence in your peers and leaders that you are reliable and capable.
  • Appear more confident and lead more consistently.
  • Rid yourself of fear of judgment and self-doubt.
  • Be clear, concise, and influential in your communication.
  • Show up poised under pressure.
  • Experience peace of mind from a resolute knowing of your competence.
  • Tell your story or deliver your pitch powerfully.

In a customized 1:1 or small team executive presence coaching engagement, we go to the root of compelling presence and learn to communicate from power and authenticity. Combining this bottom-up approach with top-down practice, we will deconstruct and use the pillars for showing up strong and step into the presence that commands attention and compels your audience.

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