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You are meant to THRIVE

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We start where communication and coaching meet to deliver workshops, keynotes, and individual programs that offer lasting transformation.

Meet the Founder, Amy Eliza Wong
Executive Coach California Amy Eliza Wong

What’s holding
you back?

The unknown – blind spots – get in the way of who we really are, what we really want, and how we boldly live our lives and powerfully connect with others. We reveal our innate strength and brilliance when we make the invisible visible. Powerful impact and genuine fulfillment only come from living and leading Always On Purpose.

Always on Purpose Model Personal Growth Tree

Fix the Root Cause,
Find a Lifetime of Benefit.

The Always on Purpose approach to living and leading isn’t just for the leader who manages people and implements ideas. It is for every single one of us who have a burning desire to break free from fear and make a genuine difference.

Our approach is bigger than a handful of leadership principles, and it’s much more than a checklist of behavior changes. It’s transforming your idea of how you connect with others from the roots up. You’re meant to thrive in all of it — Always On Purpose.

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Our techniques combine cutting edge
communication theory and years of experience working in big tech.


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