4-Step Process to Resolve Conflict Quickly

Learn to reduce friction, be heard, & find an agreeable outcome in 4 easy steps.


"How To Make Procrastination Work For You" by Amy Eliza Wong, Life and Executive Coach in the Bay Area, CA

How To Work With Procrastination

My life changed drastically, and for the better, in 2011. I had a transformative breakdown/breakthrough experience. I finally embodied my purpose. And I founded my company, Always On Purpose. One of the most notable shifts was my relationship to procrastination. I stopped fighting it and instead learned how to work with it. I went from stressing about it to appreciating it.   Yep, you heard me right.   I didn’t overcome it. And no, I didn’t succumb to it either. Instead, I saw it as an important part of the creative process. When I did, my life immediately felt more buoyant. Tasks were getting done with little effort. I became genuinely happier and more productive. But, learning to appreciate procrastination didn’t happen overnight. With a bit of time, a mental shift, and one new practice, I released myself from unnecessary

"A Three Step Process on How to Live On Purpose," by Amy Eliza Wong

The Three Step Process to Always Live on Purpose

I’m going to share a three step process that will empower you to always live on purpose! It offers you guidance on when to take action and when not to. Each step is designed to put you right in the middle of the rich, joyous, and always on purpose life that is calling you!

Find True Freedom

4 Step Process to Find True Freedom

To find freedom, you have to know what you want just as much as what you don’t want. To claim who you really are, you have to experience who you aren’t. In this article, I share my four step process to find true freedom, so you can always live on purpose! 

"How to Achieve Your Goals in 4 Steps" by Amy Eliza Wong, Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker in the Greater Bay Area, CA

How To Achieve Your Goals in 4 Steps

To achieve our goals, we’re told that we have to identify the things we want and work hard to get them. While that wisdom can work, it’s the round-about way to live into our aspirations. There is a better, more fulfilling path to what you really want. In this article, I share a different perspective on what it means to achieve your goals and how to make it happen.

5 Things Successful (and Happy) People Don’t Do

You don’t have to be successful to be happy, but if you’re happy then consider that a success. Here are five things successful people don’t do to have both.

How To Overcome COVID Crisis Mental Malaise

Here are two things you can do to during this COVID crisis to overcome mental haziness. I will show you to shift your perspective to manage uncertainty. We’re into week three of Shelter-in-Place here in the San Francisco Bay Area. The novelty is wearing off in our house and we’re sobering up to the new normal. Trying to find the balance of being mom to two children, wife to a restaurateur, and coach to my clients has been a moment-by-moment effort in navigating with grace. I’m supposed to be good at this because I’m a transformational coach. But, I too, need to reach out to my support system and get coached by my colleagues. While settled in with my family I feel a surreal sense of peace and calm despite the anxiety of uncertainty that surrounds us all. But, beyond


Beyond a topical fix – TRUST as the focal point

With the velocity that technology is evolving, businesses are continually needing to recreate themselves to stay relevant. As companies channel their resources to keep up and compete for the brightest minds, they are also dedicating resources to their employees’ well-being.