4-Step Process to Resolve Conflict Quickly

Learn to reduce friction, be heard, & find an agreeable outcome in 4 easy steps.


Flawed and Fabulous

We’re swirling around in our heads, our seemingly solitary universes, with internal dialogues so loud that we forget that everyone, EVERYONE, is fighting some sort of battle with fears, beliefs, and interpretations that are holding them back… too. We tend to look out at the world and take stock of everyone around us and use our limited perception to gauge how we’re doing and how we’re measuring up. Today, I’m giving you permission to stop it. Because the reality is, everyone has parts of themselves they’re not proud of. Parts they’re afraid of. Parts they keep hidden from themselves and the world by using stories, acts, and substances. But there’s something quite powerful about claiming those parts of ourselves we’re afraid off. Why? Because we’re human and all of us have those parts – parts that have developed from the beliefs we’ve taken on. And all

When It’s Too Much To Make Sense Of

At times it’s hard to come up with what to distill and offer up on my site for you to read. And I’ll admit, it’s terribly difficult to come to anything meaningful when my personal and professional reality are so overwhelming that, despite my own philosophy and practices, I still endeavor to see the forest through the trees. This is what happens when life feels like too much to take in. I’m currently not flying as high as usual and it’s taken a tremendous amount of effort to get through my professional to-do list. An irrational worry looms that this weighty feeling might not go away anytime soon.  And though, I still look for the common denominator – the theme that emerges in this state – that feels on purpose and worthy of calling out to make visible the patterns that have been

If You Only Needed To Know One Thing

Stress, anxiety, misery, suffering, angst, complaining… you name it, all of this I consider negativity. If you haven’t sat down and thought through its many subtleties and implications, the concept of negativity could feel pretty unwieldy and mysterious. Without considering its true cause it can also feel pretty unmanageable. And when I say true cause, I mean the root – not the “it’s my circumstances, partner, situation, environment” – explanation. Because the reality is, all that stuff we tend to blame is just that. Stuff. Strip away all the interpretations, stories, and meaning we assign to the stuff and we’re left with nothing triggering. We’re simply left with an objective “what-is” of our experience. So what is it about the overlay that gets us caught up in such a swirl of seemingly nebulous conflict? What is it in our perception and


Feeling Uninspired When Things Go Dark

This week I’m sharing a perspective I’ve had to actively practice to get me through the past month. On the surface nothing’s wrong, all is wonderful, and I’ve got a crazy amount of reasons to be delighted and grateful. But I’ve not been feeling that way. I’ve actually felt quite languid and uninspired – just generally down. I’m not flying as high as usual and it’s taken a tremendous amount of effort to get through my professional to-do list. Worries pop up that this dark period might never go away. I fear that the amazing, empowered, and prosperous place I was in prior might never come back. What if I’m stuck languishing in “meh” energy and my life passes me by? Ok, I know that’s a bit dramatic but you probably know what I’m talking about. I bring it up